Sunday, September 9, 2012

meeTrainer v0.2.2 is out

After quite a while and a lot of work, finally the second release of meeTrainer, v0.2.2, is out and has been pushed to the store. Among the other things, it adds support for sportstracker bluetooth chest belts,  charting of workouts time series data, and a better overview of the workouts, with per-months summaries. It also includes tons of bugfixes and improvements, as well as a lot core rework. 
I want to take the chance and thank all the people that contributed with ideas, suggestions, bug reports, help, and more. In particular i would like to thank Martin for his help and feedback. It's also thanks to him if meeTrainer now supports sportstracker chest belt, and if it will have a nice UI in the future :) I also want to thank Rune, Gabriel and Suyog for having supported the development and for precious feedback. Finally i also want to thank the guys on #harmattan for all the tips and help, me being a beginner in the field!

So now here a couple of screenshots of the new feats


  1. Ok, i just downloaded the app. It s also not possible for me, to get back from the monitor section. Hope you fixed that in this version. I ll give you some feedback once i tested the app :)

  2. Hi Donomar, to get back from the monitor you gotta hold the back button. it has been made so, in order to prevent accidental tapping that might get you away from the monitor screen during the workout. All the buttons except the settings button behave so, in the monitor screen, and i should do so also to the setting button..

    It is also documented in the support page, by the way :)

  3. Hey, thanks for the reply !

    With support page you mean the description of the app in the store or where?
    Maybe you should make this hint more easily to read, because i saw a negative comment on the store of someone who complained about that. Now that i know, it s easy going ;)

    If the rain here stops, i m curious to check the app out during my next bike trip :)